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Each month, ADMI receives dozens of questions from families and professionals seeking information, services, suggestions, and support. Often, the call is from a parent who has just learned of a genetic diagnosis in his or her child. Other times, the inquiry is from a teacher or therapist looking for syndrome-specific suggestions on how to address behavioral challenges in the classroom. Whatever the need, ADMI is there to guide, support, encourage, and empower. We are unique in our ability to bridge the gap between the complex science of medical genetics and the practical, real life needs of our patients and their families. Will you help? Your secure online gift will support our commitment improving outcomes for those with special developmental needs. 

You can help us to:

  • Form a network of centers that will make timely, high-quality care possible for children and their families. 
  • Work to change the model of care in not only Pennsylvania, but also in the United States, to improve early intervention services, diagnosis, and treatment. 
  • Bring scientific breakthroughs into the clinic to provide the newest treatment options and improve health and behavior. 

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