A whole new perspective

Bridging the gap between behavioral and medical diagnoses to treat the "whole patient"

Many families face a “diagnostic odyssey” in which they pursue answers and effective treatments. 

Along the way families are confronted with a myriad of questions, challenges, and obstacles.

Shortage of specialty providers

Inaccurate, inconsistent or incomplete diagnoses

Lack of coordination among specialists

Patients & families are routinely left without a satisfactory understanding of “WHY.”

ADMI helps families connect the dots. 

ADMI brings together unique expertise under one roof. 

Neurodevelopmental Pediatrics

Developmental Psychology


Medical Genetics

Behavior Analysis

Speech/Language Assessments

Comprehensive Evaluations

Advanced Research

Medication Management

Family Support

Specialty Clinics

Consultations & Trainings

Clinical Care
ADMI believes in personalized medicine. This means that we approach neurodevelopmental disorders from the perspective of the individual patient, and we consider both behavioral and medical diagnoses as we tailor individual treatment plans. 

Innovation & Research
We believe that the only way to provide the best clinical care is to simultaneously investigate the causes of developmental disorders and the latest in proven therapies to treat our patients' special developmental needs. 

Education & Support
Geisinger is a health system that fosters learning; ADMI supports its community by providing community events, family support activities, and trainings for families and educators. Our focused and long-term commitment to our patients, families, and community is part of what makes ADMI special. 

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