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Approaching neurodevelopmental disorders from the perspective of the individual patient 

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What is proven medicine? Why it matters.

We are often overwhelmed with the amount of information at our fingertips - television, websites, blogs, magazines - but how do we know which sources to trust? Unfortunately, families seeking help for their children are often targets for therapies and services that have no basis for their use in treating a particular medical condition. ADMI can help families evaluate proven treatment options and avoid therapies that are often based in nonsense, and sometimes potentially harmful to a child. 

Understanding the cause

The comprehensive evaluation of children with special developmental needs often includes genetic and other medical testing aimed at identifying, whenever possible, the underlying causes for their developmental symptoms. Determining the cause of a child’s disability can help parents and family members to better understand why it occurred and the chances that it may happen again in future generations. 

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We have a team of specialists ready to explore the questions we all still have about your child’s special developmental needs, but we need input from the most valuable experts of all – our families.Together, we can work toward improved outcomes for our patients. You can help ADMI investigate the underlying causes of neurodevelopmental conditions as well as cutting edge treatment approaches. 

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We have a team of specialists in many different fields ready to explore the questions we all still have about your child’s special developmental needs. This breadth of knowledge interfaced with cutting edge technology helps us to improve outcomes for our patients. Meet our team and learn about what motivates us to work to continuously improve the health and wellness of our patients and their families. 

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We believe that fully understanding the cause of a child's special developmental needs is the key to developing new and more effective treatments. ADMI's innovative approach to comprehensive assessment, intervention, and family support is integrated with a robust research team investigating the underlying causes of neurodevelopmental disorders as well as behavioral and medical treatment approaches. 

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ADMI’s scientists and researchers are leaders in the fields of neurodevelopmental pediatrics, genomic medicine, psychology, speech-language pathology, radiology, special education, and behavioral health. Learn about our innovative research initiatives and latest findings through our faculty publications. 

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