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Providing personalized care and tailored treatment recommendations

Did you know that 15% of children are diagnosed with a developmental disorder?

Why is ADMI different?
We have a team of specialists across many disciplines under one roof. Our team works together to treat the "whole patient." This means that we evaluate both behavioral and medical symptoms. Discussions with our reputable and caring staff of specialists can have a significant impact on helping families adapt to raising a child with special developmental needs. 





We provide personalized care and tailored treatment recommendations.

Personalized Medicine. Better Results. 
We believe that clinical care, innovation and education are all a part of the same process. To our team, care & innovation are one in the same, and we consider our families an integral part of our team. You can help us investigate the underlying causes of neurodevelopmental disorders by participating in our research studies.

All of your developmental healthcare needs and services under one roof

Neurodevelopmental Pediatrics

Developmental Psychology


Medical Genetics

Behavior Analysis

Speech/Language Assessments

Comprehensive Evaluations

Advanced Research

Medication Management

Family Support

Specialty Clinics

Consultations & Trainings

What are we studying?
We have a series of research initiatives designed to improve and expedite the diagnosis, treatment, and care of people with developmental disorders.

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