Developmental Neuropsychology Lab

Our goal

The staff of the Developmental Neuropsychology Lab has a goal: to understand the links between how your child thinks, feels, and behaves and how his/her brain is developing. Many parents may wonder what’s causing their child’s behavior. Our lab is interested in better understanding these behaviors by looking at the ways the brain functions. If we know the brain’s role in your child’s behavior and development, it increases the chances that we can do something about it, whether through medication or behavioral intervention.

Understanding the brain

Our brains are a complex network of connections. Researchers are learning more and more about the development of the brain. As we form habits or patterns of thinking, feeling, and behavior, certain connections are made. Some connections are made that shouldn’t be, and other connections that should be made aren’t. But our brains – especially early in development – are sometimes called “plastic,” meaning that like soft plastic, they can be re-molded. With our EEG and other imaging tools, we may be able to identify the ways in which your child’s patterns of behaviors have formed certain patterns of connections. This means that through early intervention there is the possibility of reforming those connections in order to improve your child’s behavior and development

Teamwork & technology

This lab is one of the few labs in the country that combines information about behavior, EEG brain imaging, and eye-tracking. The tools that we have represent the very latest in technology. We have the ability to combine information about behavior, brain activity, and eye-tracking with cutting edge genetics research and innovative clinical care. What we have at ADMI is unique, and it is our teamwork that makes us special.

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