Research Studies

Geisinger is a health system that fosters learning. At ADMI, we want to learn more about your child’s special developmental needs. ADMI's innovative approach to patient care includes a robust research team investigating the causes of and treatment approaches to neurodevelopmental disorders. 

How to get started:

  1. Talk with your clinical care team to determine which studies are most appropriate for you and discuss exactly what is involved.
  2. Take the opportunity to discuss your questions with your clinical care team and decide if you want to participate.
  3. Enroll in a study and help us investigate the underlying causes of neurodevelopmental conditions as well as treatment approaches. 

You can participate in as many studies as you like and ask questions at any time. If for any reason you decide you no longer want to participate, you can stop at any time – this will not affect your child’s care at ADMI.

Making Advances Possible (MAP) Protocol

The MAP Protocol is focused on collecting detailed information about health and development to better understand neurodevelopmental conditions. Participants may conduct additional speech, behavioral, developmental, and/or neurological tests outside of what they might do in a normal clinic visit.

Geisinger MyCode® Community Health Initiative

This Geisinger-wide study involves collecting blood, saliva (spit), and health information from thousands of Geisinger patients for use in future research studies. By studying the genes and up-to-date medical information of a patient, researchers will be able to better understand, treat, or prevent different medical conditions.

17q12 Project

At ADMI, we are interested in better understanding the behavioral, developmental, and medical characteristics associated with extra or missing material in the 17q12 chromosomal region.


At ADMI and all across the country, children and adults with autism and their family members are joining the SPARK research study. The goal of SPARK is to build the largest autism research group in the nation and to speed up our understanding of the causes of autism and how it impacts those affected. Click below to join online!

The Genome to Brain Network (G2B)

The ability to detect genetic causes of developmental and psychiatric conditions, such as autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disability, epilepsy, and schizophrenia, is transforming the practice of medical genetics. Geisinger ADMI is leading an international strategy, the Genome-to-Brain Network (G2B), that aims to standardize and accelerate the clinical characterization of genetic causes of DBD, keeping pace with the rapid rate of gene discovery.

Eyetracking Research Study

ADMI is conducting a study of children between the ages of 7 and 10 with autism spectrum disorder and their parents.

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