Geisinger MyCode® Community Health Initiative

Patients & Caregivers

By collecting and analyzing blood samples from Geisinger’s large patient population, the MyCode® Community Health Initiative will help unlock the mysteries of some of the most devastating and debilitating diseases.

Blood samples are obtained from patients of certain Geisinger specialty clinics to study specific conditions, such as obesity and cardiovascular disease, and also from patients of Geisinger primary care clinics to provide a representative sample of the regional population. More than 60,000 samples from over 23,000 Geisinger patients have been collected so far, and sample collection is ongoing.

MyCode® researchers use the blood samples to study the genetic causes of diseases and certain disease-related molecular mediators. Knowledge gained from these studies will allow researchers to pursue innovative approaches to disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment. To be of value for Genomic Medicine research, bio-banked samples must be connected to clinical data: MyCode® allows genetic and molecular data about the samples to be connected to medical data in a way that protects patient identity.

The principal investigators for MyCode® are David Ledbetter, PhD, W. Andrew Faucett, MS, LGC, and David Carey, PhD. The project was made possible by funding from the Ben Franklin Technology Development Authority and Geisinger Clinic’s Administrative Committee for Research.

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