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What information do I need to bring to my first appointment?

Be prepared to provide as much information as you can about your child’s birth history, medical history, medications, and developmental milestones.

Please try to bring copies of the following materials. (Write your child’s name and birthdate on each document). 

  • Developmental or psychological evaluations
    • Early Intervention reports
    • School evaluations/re-evaluation reports
  • Speech/language evaluations
  • Occupational therapy evaluations
  • Brain imaging (MRI or CT scan) results
  • Results of any previous genetic testing
  • Checklists or questionnaires sent to you prior to your appointment

What can I expect during my visit to ADMI?

  • Please expect that the visit will usually be several hours long. Please consider bringing snacks for your child. 
  • You may receive some checklists or questionnaires to complete prior to or during your child’s appointment.
  • You will meet with a clinician to review your child’s medical history, developmental and behavioral history, past and current interventions, and family history.
  • Your child may undergo testing (play-like activities or paper/pencil tasks) to determine his or her level of developmental functioning, as well as a behavioral evaluation. A physical exam will also be performed, and blood may be drawn for genetic testing.
  • Information from these assessments will be analyzed by the clinician to form a diagnostic conclusion, and to determine the most appropriate interventions for your child.
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