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Your first step to becoming a patient at ADMI is to obtain a referral from your Primary Care Physician. Once you have that submitted, continue through the steps on this page. Click here if you are a Physician interested in referring a patient to ADMI.

How can I schedule an appointment?

A referral from your Primary Care Physician is required to obtain an appointment. Referrals should be made to ADMI. Please fax the following to 570.522.9431: 

  • Reason for referral
  • Demographics (name, birthdate, address, phone number, and insurance card information)
  • A copy of the most recent well child visit
  • For school-aged children (6 years of age and older), an appointment will not be considered until we receive the school district's Evaluation Report and most recent IEP (if IEP is available). 

ADMI accepts referrals for:

Children 0-4 years of age who have:
• known or suspected developmental delays (in language, motor, social, and/or self-help skills)
• high risk for developmental delays (i.e., genetic syndromes known to be associated with developmental disorders; prematurity; other known risk factors)

Children 5-9 years of age who have, or are suspected to have:
• autism, intellectual disability, or other severe developmental impairments (significant deficits in language, motor, social, and/or self-help skills)
• genetic syndromes known to be associated with developmental disorders

Children 10-18 years of age with:
• documented autism or intellectual disability (diagnosed using valid, standardized methods); we will accept the transfer of care of children with these conditions previously followed by another provider
• genetic syndromes known to be associated with developmental disorders

ADMI also sees individuals of any age with the following genetic conditions for which we have specific specialty clinics and / or clinical research interests:
• Fragile X syndrome
• Duplication 15q syndrome
• Chromosome 22q11.2 deletion
• Chromosome 16p11.2 deletions and duplications
• Smith-Magenis syndrome
• Chromosome 17q12 deletions and duplications

Other referrals:
• Children for whom the primary concern is ADHD or other disruptive behaviors (e.g., oppositional behavior, tantrums, conduct problems/antisocial behavior), in the absence of documented intellectual disability or ASD, should be referred to Pediatric Psychology/Psychiatry (through Geisinger in Danville or in the local area)
• Children for whom the primary concern is anxiety, mood problems (depression, mania), possible psychosis (hallucinations, delusions) should be referred to Pediatric Psychology/Psychiatry (through Geisinger in Danville or in the local area)
• Children with possible seizures should be referred to Pediatric Neurology
• Children with acquired and/or obviously progressive motor/cognitive dysfunction (traumatic brain injury, new onset paralysis, stroke, etc.) should be referred to Pediatric Neurology and/or Psychology (through Geisinger in Danville or in the local area)

How do I contact ADMI?

Phone: 570.522.9430
Fax: 570.522.9431

Our Lewisburg location is conveniently located in the Kelly Commons Plaza on Walter Drive, just off Route 15. The address is 120 Hamm Drive, 2nd Floor, Lewisburg, PA 17837

Clinic Hours
8 am - 5 pm Monday-Friday

What can I expect during the visit?

  • The length of appointments varies from 90 minutes to several hours. This depends on the age of your child and the concerns presented. Please consider bringing snacks.  
  • You may receive some checklists or questionnaires to complete prior to or during your child’s appointment.
  • You will meet with a clinician to review your child’s medical history, developmental and behavioral history, past and current interventions, and family history.
  • Your child may undergo testing to determine his or her level of developmental functioning, as well as a behavioral evaluation. A physical exam may also be performed, and blood may be drawn for genetic testing.
  • Information from these assessments will be analyzed by the clinician(s) to form a diagnostic conclusion, and to determine the most appropriate interventions for your child.
  • Meet our team! 

What information do I need to bring?

Be prepared to provide as much information as you can about your child’s birth history, medical history, medications, and developmental milestones. Bring a copy of your child’s previous developmental or psychological evaluations (including Early Intervention or school evaluations/Re-evaluation Reports), speech/language evaluations, occupational therapy evaluations, brain imaging (MRI or CT scan) results, and results of any previous genetic testing. Write your child’s name and birthdate on each document.

We have additional information on our "Appointment Prep" page.

How do I know if ADMI accepts my insurance?

ADMI is a part of Geisinger Health System, and accepts all insurance plans that the Health System accepts. Additional insurance information is available at

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